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Hi my dear friend,

A very warm welcome to HolisticHealthRocks.com! I am so thrilled you’ve taken time to pop by. I have lots to share with you in the weeks and months ahead. This is a maiden launch and things are still work-in-progress as you can see but I couldn’t wait to get things up and running as I was too eager. I decided with my team to launch as is and then to continue improving as we went on. Please do bear with things for now as we try to perfect the whole process. It has been a lot of effort so far and a lot more to go!

Samsung Gallery Gym ImageTo tell you a little about myself and how I got here! Well, my name is Kobi Emmanuella-King and I live in London. For the past nineteen years, I have worked as a freelance senior management consultant and have been fortunate to work with some of the most influential organizations in the UK during this period. You might at this point be wondering what a management consultant like myself has to do with a website on holistic health? Good question! Well, I always took for granted the fact that I loved my job as a successful career professional. That was until about four years ago when career satisfaction took an absolute nose dive for no apparent reason that I could identify. Even though I had an extremely lucrative role, it seemed I went rather suddenly from being quite content to feeling that work had become a drudgery and a hindrance. This phase marked the beginning of quite a disconcerting and thought-provoking period in my life. For my full story please visit me at www.kobiemmanuella-king.com  but please, don’t leave here just yet. Read on to know more about this site
Now, to explain my interest in holistic health and all things related. For the past seven years, this has been my burning passion. The idea and concept for this site was berthed a couple of years ago and borne out of my past personal struggle just over ten years ago with serious and chronic health issues. It was a terrible and grim period and quite unlike anything I had ever experienced. Even with the best medical attention, I battled with my peculiar symptoms for four years and life then was a nightmare that just refused to end.

I had always considered myself a strong, vibrant and health-conscious person and up until then, I had never had any reason to worry about my health. I had always been healthy and possibly took my good health for granted by assuming that healthy people never got seriously ill.. However, it was during this period of my rather thriving career as a management consultant that life suddenly took a turn for the unexpected. I started to experience health issues that rapidly became severe. I didn’t realise it at the time but the trauma I suffered as a result of these mystifying symptoms, coupled with what I further had to endure in the months and years ahead, was instrumental in changing the course of my life’s focus and perspective. My ill-health symptoms persisted for almost four tortuous years of sheer hell and torment. I tried to remain brave and positive spirited throughout but I was absolutely terrified at what was happening to me!

The fact that despite having access to the best medical care, facilities and tests, my symptoms were not medically fully understood, filled me with absolute dread and the fear that I could be dying. My symptoms didn’t improve but instead worsened over several monts; much worse than I could ever have imagined. I was tested for all sorts of potential diseases, conditions, infections and cancers which all came back negative. I guess the fact all these tests proved negative should have given me a bit of relief that given the severity of my symptoms, it wasn’t any of these health conditions, but instead I became even more worried because I thought my symptoms and the chronic unwellness I suffered must then have been due to some even stranger condition as at then unknown to medical science! Phew! Looking back, I realise that fear alone could have killed me even before my horrible symptoms ever did.

I had never been through any kind of health scare in my life apart from childbirth itself, and so this whole experience which saw me constantly in and out of hospitals, consulting rooms and diagnostic centres simply filled me with unending dread. I wasn’t ready to die bit felt I surely had to be on my way there! I was young-ish, had a young son to raise, and a life ahead of me to live to its fullest. The thought that this was drawing me closer to some brink of no return was scaring the life out of me! My traumatic experience lasted a few years and had a profound impact on me on a whole number of levels. That’s another story for another blog piece. You can read the continuation in my subsequent blog piece. I think I shall entitle it: ‘In the Valley of Death’s Shadows’.

To come back to the reasons for this site; well after a four year struggle, I was indeed blessed to eventually overcome what at the time had seemed to be rather insurmountable health issues. What I learned about myself and about achieving health through a more holistic approach as a lifestyle choice, has infused me with a passion for the continued pursuit of good health. In the years since my gradual recovery, I became keenly interested in the practise and pursuit of holistic health concepts which I extensively researched and tested by often using myself as a guinea pig. I became much more exposed to the immense benefits that alternative and holistic health practice does offer.

SamsungGalleryGympic14Thanks to my past health scare trauma, I’ve been reborn as a holistic health passion freak in the nicest possible way – I would hope! The purpose of this site is purely to share health-related information on a wide range health issues that can benefit us all. Over the past seven years and since full recovery from my health episode, I’ve become an avid researcher of holistic health therapies, concepts and remedies and have often used myself as a guinea pig to test the effectiveness of many of the health concept assertions. I would love to share my thoughts and experiences with you and to also encourage awareness of some of these concepts. Maybe you could share some of yours with me. I’d be delighted! I think many will agree that a holistic approach to health provides the best safeguards against developing serious or chronic health problems in our future. My recovery happened not from the piles of prescription medications I was forced to take in order to keep my symptoms in check, instead it happened when in desperation I turned to more holistic methods that I had spent time researching and decided to try out over a long period of time.

My illness which for so many years had defied the wisdom of conventional medicine and its medical experts, finally began to ease after I embarked on a more holistic path of recovery. I had no idea at the time what would work, I was just desperate enough to seek alternatives as I knew I couldn’t continue living a prescription dependent life that did nothing for my actual illness, only temporarily kept some of my symptoms at bay and did nothing for my overall sense of well-being. This is why I am so passionate about holistic health pursuits. It gave me an escape route back to my much desired recovery. As a result of that experience, I continue to explore and research the vast resources of expertise and information available so that I can share these whenever I can.

I am constantly working behind the scenes to dig out some of the most obscure but ground-breaking information on health, immunity, disease prevention and anti-aging that I can lay eyes on. I can’t reveal everything I have got up my sleeve just yet until I am absolutely certain I can share some of this stuff. Being your average typical female wanting to cling on to the apron-strings of eternal youth and immortality (if that were possible), I am an absolute fan(atic) of anti-aging concepts and I kid you not when I say that I have some of the most fantastic anti-aging secrets to share with you in the weeks and months ahead. Please keep an eye open for articles and ebooks to that effect. The much I can say for now is that it is absolutely possible to age backwards! You just need to know how to! Yes, I accept we shall all die sometime, hopefully at a ripe old age, but I believe we can for an increasingly longer period of time continue to age backwards even as we grow older in numeric terms. That really does sound exciting to me!

Well, I hope that sufficed as an introduction. Please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list so that I can keep you updated with useful stuff. Your information will never be shared with anyone else. That I can absolutely guarantee.

Also feel free to email me or to use the Contact page to send me any suggestions or questions you may have on how to help you or on information you would like to see featured on the site. Thanks for stopping by. Do drop by as often as you can as we will be making regular updates and improvements to grow this site. Do also feel free to drop by at my sister site www.kobiemmanuella-king.com for other aspects about my passion and my inspiration. You are my passion and I am always passionate about your health and mine!


From my heart to yours, always,

Kobi Emmanuella-King